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How is this database different from others

In other words, why should you buy my database when there are many similar databases out there?

There are even some free databases with over 2 million entries. Unfortunately, they are absolutely unusuable for multi-level selectors on websites (continent/country/state/city) – they would either freeze the browser or need to have too many subdivisions that no one would want to wade through.

For most web applications, all that is required is a detailed list of cities in the U.S. and Canada broken down by states and provinces, and a list of cities with noticeable populations in all other countries.

Unless you want the script to do proximity searches, you don't need to worry about longitudes. Unless you expect your visitors to make unnecessary clicks, you don't need your database to contain administrative subdivisions in Bulgaria. All you need is a very simple structure with manageable amount of usable information.

This database is exactly that – for a fraction of what the competition charge for similar (and I contend, inferior) databases.